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In 2009, my former art teacher, Mr. Joe Bell called me to ask if I would be interested in helping with Highland¬†¬†High School’s production of Grease. He didn’t have enough boys for all the roles and no one who could pull off Beauty School Dropout. He’d gotten permission to have a alum come in alumni to come in and perform the song.

He didn’t know it at the time, but I truly believe that his phone call saved my life.

I was sliding into a suicidal depression that continued into late 2010, one that nearly claimed my life. Without the catharsis and connection that the stage offered me, I don’t know that I would have survived this period.

The years since have been some of my most difficult, but also some of the absolute best. I’ve seen things and felt things I couldn’t have imagined. I’ve met people who have changed my outlook on the world and been, in some small way, an inspiration to others around me.

All because of a call from a high school art teacher.

So, I dedicate this to all of the teachers that ever reached out to me and specifically to Joe Bell. You changed my life. You saved my life.


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  1. Jesse, You are still discovering the “new” you that has and still remains within you. That should never end and the discovering of yourself should be a continual life pursuit. It is for me. I am learning a lot about me as I get older. Enjoy your new awareness! You are loved! Blessings, Joe

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