What Is “Life and How to Live It?”

Life and How to Live It is a comic by American author and artist, Jesse Miller. It is an exploration of how all of our lives are significant and important, even if the events are everyday and ordinary. How each of us has an internal life and story worth telling.

I know no better way to represent this than to put my own life on display. This will be done in two distinct ways:

1)      In a daily graphic journal, which will show the rhythms and struggles of life as they come, and

2)    Through the monthly publication of a short story about myself and those around me, written from a distance that I hope will provide an insight for myself and my audience (though this is currently on hiatus).

Neither of these will be done with an overarching narrative in mind. As this is a work grounded in reality, life itself creates the story.

Updates will be done daily, but on a 7 day delay. Monthly comics will be released on the first of each new month.