September 2nd, 2015

September 2nd, 2015
September 2nd, 2015

When I was newly divorced, I found myself surrounded by people who seemed to think that talking about my divorce made me a bitter person. Not a person who is bitter over something that happened, but a fundamentally bitter person.

So I tamped it down.

Even last Summer when I was dealing so directly with my emotional issues, I tended to gloss over what happened during my marriage. I talked about my recent breakup all the time (ALL THE TIME [sorry, friends]), but I rarely talked about my marriage.

I’m afraid it’s not something I can avoid any longer.

If you think you might be a victim of gaslighting, please look for some resources and start to find help. The article that I found most helpful to me can be found at, which is a fantastic site in its own regard.

You’re not alone. You’re not crazy.

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