Inktober, 2019!


This is my second year completing Inktober, as well as my second year using Star Trek as my theme. This time, instead of using the prompts I used a “30 Days of Trek” meme I found floating around the internet.


I’m Stuck


Content Warning: PTSD, child abuse, sexual assault

Stuck Page 1
Stuck Page 2
Stuck Page 3
Stuck Page 4

After a long hiatus, I wanted to make a comic for the five year anniversary of the original launch. I kept trying to come up with a topic that was “worthy,” but in the end I went with the story I was motivated to tell on the day that I began telling it.


Five Years

April 24, 2014
April 12th, 2015
April 23rd, 2016
April 2nd, 2017
One Third

April 1st, 2014 I published the first update to Life and How to Live It. A few of the comics were ones I’d already made, but this was the first time I put them under a heading with a name.

I hadn’t seriously considered doing a daily comic, much less think I could do that for three years.

I started this comic with a broken heart, I fell in love a few times, I lost my Mom, and I lived.

There’s still more to come. I hope you’ll join me for it.


Leftover Disco

FacebooktwitterreddittumblrWhen I was working on my Discovery piece, there were a few drawings I did that either didn’t come out the way I’d hoped or just didn’t end up working when I combined everything together. Today, I added some ink washes and repurposed them as a White Elephant gift at a Star Trek party. Here are a few I scanned to share with you.


Inktober, 2018!

FacebooktwitterreddittumblrI did Inktober! It was fun. Some are (way) better than others, but the whole point was to just do something that got me into a habit. Enjoy!



(you may have noticed there’s a theme)


One Third

FacebooktwitterreddittumblrSorry I’ve been gone so long. The news has been overwhelming and life has had its difficulties and … well, I’ve been feeling drained most of the time lately.

Here’s a comic that explains some of the reasons why.

One Third

Four Years

FacebooktwitterreddittumblrWhile the comic has been on hiatus since the end of April last year, I still have plans to continue the project.

In honor of it being four years since I launched the website, here’s the first comic I made for this: The Jon Hamm Dream.

This is an actual dream I had and this is still one of my favorite things I’ve made.

A Will Eisner-inspired spiral with no panel borders to start off the first comic I had drawn in probably five years or more.

The bottom panels are totally my attempt at a Chris Ware-esque diagram.

This page was probably the most fun to draw of this series.

The reveal

The repeated, digitized face is very inspired by xeroxed indie comics of the 80’s.

This page is an experiment in moving from a style rendered with brush to one rendered with ink in an attempt to differentiate between the dream and the waking world. I’m not entirely sure it was successful, but this is a technique I will likely revisit.