Welcome to Life and How to Live It

Hi! My name is Jesse, and I am an actor, singer, and comics artist in Portland, Oregon.

My recent projects include Stumptown Stages’ production of Soul Harmony and this comic: Life and How to Live It.

It is an autobiographical comic, and– let’s be honest– I’ve got issues, so the comics aren’t always of the light-hearted and fun variety. You are welcome to use the tags to search for topics that interest you, like theater or hiking and outdoors, or to jump into some of the more serious entries about childhood trauma and my ongoing struggles with depression and anxiety. If you like what you see you can start at the beginning or returning readers can go straight to the latest comics.

Life and How to Live It is published online in daily, slice of life comics and (when I have time … which, let’s be honest: I don’t) full, monthly stories. In the coming months, there are some big expansions coming that will change the scope of the project. I can’t wait to share them with you.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I welcome your voice. Reach out on twitter @lifeandhowcomic or email me here.


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