I am currently available for commissions!

Right now I’m focusing on portraits (because they’re fun!), but I’m also available for sketches and your run of the mill superhero stuff.

There are essentially three levels of work I’m offering:

1: Fully inked portraits including washes and possibly color.

These start at $200 with price being dependent on size and complexity.

Ink portrait on bristol.
India ink on smooth bristol.
India ink on smooth bristol,
India ink on bristol.

I can even do customized pieces (like this commission I did of a friend’s family):

India ink on bristol.

2: Black and white portraits and finished drawings.

These start at $75, dependent upon size and complexity.

India ink on bristol.

I am open to working in limited color, as I did for the following pieces, but that tends to limit you to a digital file and would of course factor into cost.

Separate ink on bristol combined and colored digitally.
India ink on bristol.
Individual bristol combined digitally.

3: Sketches

These start at $35, dependent upon size and complexity.

Muddy (well, Mudd)

The price of a piece depends on the complexity of the work involved and how many hours I estimate that it will take me to complete it. Once I’ve given you a quote, the price will never change (even if it takes me longer than I’d anticipated to complete it).

I could also be interested in doing comics work and full illustration projects (see this entire site for examples of the former), but my time is a bit limited so I will be realistic with you up front about what type of commitment I can make.

If you’re interested in a commission, ¬†shoot me a message at jesse @ (yes, I separated that out to avoid spam)¬†and we’ll see what we can put together.

If your message doesn’t get an answer in a timely fashion, the links to the comic’s Facebook and Twitter are easy to find, so you can find me there.

I look forward to working with you!