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The nature of this project is that daily content ends up being essentially random, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t stories or themes in here. This is a way to look at some of them.

Four Years

While the comic has been on hiatus since the end of April last year, I still have plans to continue the project.

In honor of it being four years since I launched the website, here’s the first comic I made for this: The Jon Hamm Dream.

This is an actual dream I had and this is still one of my favorite things I’ve made.

A Will Eisner-inspired spiral with no panel borders to start off the first comic I had drawn in probably five years or more.

The bottom panels are totally my attempt at a Chris Ware-esque diagram.

This page was probably the most fun to draw of this series.

The reveal

The repeated, digitized face is very inspired by xeroxed indie comics of the 80’s.

This page is an experiment in moving from a style rendered with brush to one rendered with ink in an attempt to differentiate between the dream and the waking world. I’m not entirely sure it was successful, but this is a technique I will likely revisit.

Survivor’s Anniversary

Three years ago I posted what is likely the most important comic of this project so far. I did it to purge my demons, but also in the hopes that it would reach others who had also been assaulted and give them some comfort.

Since then I’ve heard from people both privately and publicly who have told me that my story helped them with theirs. That still overwhelms me. I don’t advocate that all Survivors tell their stories so publicly, but helping others where I can (in my work, in my group therapy sessions, in my presence on social media) has been a balm to the hurt that was done to me. You be safe first and foremost, but if you can safely tell your story and you feel so compelled, then know that it could be a help to someone out there who needs it. Someone who might be feeling alone and could use a stranger’s voice telling them that they aren’t.

And if you haven’t read this before or even if you have and just need the reminder: You’re not alone.

A Survivor’s Story


April 14th, 2015

This is the only solid evidence that exists of the dance number I had in a show once.

It cut was for the good of the show (I actually agree with the change – the show was way too long), dancing is … no my forte so getting good at this meant I put in an absolute ton of work. But I still had those moments in front of the cast and with my dance partner, and I’ll always treasure those.