September 28th, 2014

September 28th, 2014
September 28th, 2014

PAWS is one of my absolute favorite bands. They’re a three piece from Glasgow, Scotland that makes heartfelt, emotionally honest, frankly incredible music that I’ve been obsessed with since I first saw them at SXSW last year. I followed them all around the festival and saw them either five or six times while I was there. Then, I caught their first show in Chicago before moving to Portland last October.

This is my third time seeing them here in my new home and some of you may remember that I made a comic about the last show. And if you don’t remember, Phillip does.

Not only that, but he remembered my name when I talked to him afterwards. We talked about feminism, how their last album being a breakup record made it seem like it was written just for me, and how I hoped for both our sakes that if I was going to continue to live their music then the next album would be a bit more happy.

This is a fantastic band full of genuinely lovely people. And that’s why the post underneath today’s comic is so long.

A few days ago, the band’s van was broken into and a lot of money and really important gear (including a hard drive with all of their work on it – including new stuff that they were still putting together) was stolen. They’re currently stuck in Seattle and they could use your help.

So here they are talking about what you can do to help this little trio of guys from Glasgow get back on tour and back on track (which I would link to, but Facebook is being a pain in my ass):

“As you may already have heard, we have been stuck in Seattle the past few days after our van got broken into and a lot of valuables were taken from us.

Most importantly, the entire archived history of our band and many other projects including future works in the making on a laptop and external hard drive were taken. This has left us devastated. Many of you have been asking how you can help so we are suggesting that you kind souls head over to our Cath Records bandcamp page and pick up the available PAWS releases there. Luckily, we recently released an mp3 album of original demos containing early sketches for songs that ended up on our two full LPs – “Cokefloat!” And “Youth Culture Forever”. If we hadn’t, they’d also be gone forever as a result of the recent theft.

So, scope out what we have available at of you fancy helping us with some gas in the tank.

Big love to everyone that has showed love so far, you know who you are. A very special thanks to Shannon Sauter and KEXP Radio for having us in last night to co host her show. That cheered us up a lot.”

If you enjoy their music at all, then go give them some money. They deserve every bit of love and cash you can send their way.

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