Daylight Savings

Loyal Readers,

When I first started this project, I realized that I didn’t want to have to scan something and upload it every single day, so I built in a buffer so that I could do the least fun part of this process a couple of times a week instead. I sort of randomly chose six days between when I create a comic and when it’s posted, but over time this has made less and less sense. It was needlessly confusing for me (Monday’s comic posts on Sunday, so I’d better be sure I have everything caught up by Saturday night) and the delay has never been clear to the readers I’ve talked to about it.

So in the interest of simplifying my process and hopefully making all of this a bit more streamlined, I’m moving to a seven day buffer starting on Tuesday, March 9th. Starting that day when you read a comic, you’ll know that it’s covering events from exactly one week ago.

I’d been mulling over doing this for a while, but I hated the idea of leaving a blank space on the calendar. Thankfully, I had a happy little accident this week because my Wednesday comic actually covered something that happened on Tuesday. While I know that no one would actually know (or probably care), I couldn’t let that stand. I went back and made a Wednesday comic and just intended to have two posts for Tuesday so that I didn’t waste the material. Then while I was out enjoying the beautiful and unseasonable sunshine today on SE Hawthorne, it occurred to me that this was a perfect opportunity to make this long-planned change without depriving my readers of their daily dose of my angst and ennui.

Thanks for reading! You’re all the absolute best.


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